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On-farm stocks

What about the genetic diversity of farmed aquatic organisms? Is genetic diversity ensured in fish farming? The AGRDEU database provides information on the genetic diversity of aquaculture stocks.

On-farm inventory of aquatic genetic resources

Source: Federal Office for Agriculture and Food

The objective of the national programme for the conservation and sustainable use of aquatic genetic resources is to preserve the diversity of aquatic genetic resources on a long-term basis and in a scientifically proven form to ensure their sustainable use. The genetic diversity of broodstocks forms the basis for an efficient, animal-friendly, high-quality and economically successful aquaculture in Germany.

AGRDEU's on-farm inventory provides genetic information on broodstocks of farmed aquatic organisms. The provided information makes it possible to assess the current status of aquatic genetic resources and thus, if necessary, to derive measures, e.g. for the conservation or breed development.

The on-farm inventory of aquatic genetic resources provides the following information:

  • General information on the broodstocks,
  • the husbandry parameters,
  • genetic parameters,
  • morphometric parameters,
  • and other additional information.

The names of the aquaculture enterprises are encoded for data protection reasons.