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In-situ stocks

AGRDEU database provides information on the status of genetic diversity of aquatic living resources in the wild, especially below the level of species.

In-situ inventory of aquatic genetic resources

Source: Institut für Fischerei_LfL Bayern

In order to preserve and sustainably use the  genetic diversity of wild living fish and other aquatic organisms, knowledge of their genetic characteristics is required. The aim should be to respect the genetic diversity of a species throughout its range at stock level and to conserve it as "evolutionary units" with their genetic and phenotypic features.

The basic prerequisite for the implementation of the National Programme on Aquatic Genetic Resources is the survey and documentation of the genetic diversity of aquatic genetic resources in Germany. The in-situ inventory of the AGRDEU database is listing finfish and crayfish stocks, of which information is available on their genetic status. These data serve as the basis for scientifically based sustainable stock management.

Most of the currently available data in the AGRDEU database originate from survey projects of the Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture (BMEL). The aim of these survey projects is the documentation and monitoring of genetic resources.

The in-situ inventory of aquatic genetic resources provides information on the following aspects:

  • General information on the investigated wild stocks,
  • Captured Genetic Parameters,
  • Captured morphometric parameters,
  • Further additional information.