Data sources

Data sources

Data sources on the genetic diversity of aquatic genetic diversity in Germany

The AGRDEU database provides information on the genetic diversity of breeding strains kept in aquaculture and on wild stocks of aquatic genetic resources (AqGR) occurring in Germany. Genetic characteristics of aquatic species are presented at stock level. The information in question comes mainly from survey projects of the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE). The aim of these survey projects is the recording, inventory and documentation of genetic resources, the monitoring of the development of genetic resources and the preparation of other information bases on genetic resources. Further data sources originate from BLE model and demonstration projects. In addition, data from scientific publications, project reports, diploma or dissertations containing data on the genetic characterisation of aquatic genetic resources can also be included in the AGRDEU database.

The following information can be taken from the list of data sources on genetic diversity of aquatic genetic diversity in Germany:

  • Origin of the basic data used in the AGRDEU database,
  • Detailed information on the sources, e.g. title, authors, contents and publication dates, e.g. publisher, type of publication, etc.